Sean J. exclusively gave his homemade IntHim® products to close friends. We want to keep this idea going and think of the IntHim® users as members of the exclusive Clean Club.

The Clean Club has no membership card, no monthly fee and no initiation ritual. Instead you have men come together with good taste and a sense for caring for themselves. The spirit of Sean J. connects us to a common attitude and perspective on things.

Life is good, if we live it well. Success is not an accident but a fundamental right if man is willing to do something for it. The look and style of a man reflects his attitude toward life: If you have high standards for others, you also have them for yourself. If you respect yourself and your body, other people will as well.


Five things that define a man

The most important thing you have is yourself.
Care, develop and respect your body and mind.

Anyone who feels good about himself is attractive and
can also give others a good feeling.

Boredom is a form of failure. We have thousands of ways to
entertain ourself and to inspire our mind.
He who is bored has only himself to blame and
has wasted valuable time.

Success is a fundamental right and not a flaw that we hide.

A man is the master of a situation and his fate.

Clean Club members walk through life standing clean and upright, and up-to-date personal hygiene is part of this. From top to bottom and always with IntHim®.

Sean J. always says: ” What happens if Mark Zuckerberg enters a bar with 33 people sitting in it? The average assets of each person in the bar is one billion dollars. What am I trying to tell you with this? Never mind the averages and the reports that more men use perfume than deodorant and that 15 % of men change their underwear less than once a day (unfortunately both are true). You are not average, otherwise you would not be here and would not know me. Whether man or woman, caring for yourself and taking care of yourself and your body always pays off on all levels.”

“One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a man”
(J.W.v. Goethe)

Join the Clean Club & enjoy life