Why should I use IntHim® Wash Lotion and Comfort Gel?

IntHim® Wash Lotion and Comfort Gel are the first double care product system for your private parts. Conventional shower gels are used for the cleaning the whole body with its relatively robust skin. IntHim® Wash lotion cleanses the very fine and delicate skin of the genital area with an innovative formula and with extreme care. Due to the special composition of ingredients, IntHim® lotion not only cleans gently, but also cares for the skin simultaneously. In addition, the formula prevents unpleasant odors with its antibacterial effect. IntHim® Comfort Gel is applied after drying off, and guarentees a fresh feeling to start off the day well. It can be applied several times a day if necessary. A well-maintained and deodorized genital area feels fresh and pleasant.

You didn’t need it until now? Of course not, but people also thought this before the invention of deodorant. Especially your partner will notice the difference immediately and be all the more excited about.

Why a special product and not just shower gel? Think about it: Do you use Nivea Creme as a hair gel?

The IntHim® Double Care Set gives you an advantage in any situation. If you really feel completely fresh and clean, you have more self-confidence and fewer worries. IntHim® gives you the “extra” care that you deserve.

What makes IntHim® exceptional?

The optimal mix of cooling , care and cleansing oils and balms. So we can make sure that with optimal cleaning and a pleasant scent sensitive skin is not irritated but maintained properly.

All IntHim® products are free of parabens , fragrances and dyes and allergenic soap . Thus, the pH of the skin is not affected and the natural protective coating of the skin is not damaged. The duo of Wash Lotion and Gel Comfort is the first care concept, which was developed specifically for the needs of men.

What does the product smell like?

The IntHim® Wash Lotion and Gel Comfort IntHim® is characterized by a light, fresh masculine fragrance.

How do I use the product?

The IntHim® Wash lotion can be applied generously every time you take a shower and / or after shaving the genital area and cleaning the penis and the glans thoroughly and finally rinse off with water.

Then massage the IntHim® Comfort Gel around the genital area. Let it soak in for a short while and conquer the world. I necessary apply it several times a day.

How often can I use the product?

Since the ingredients of IntHim® Wash Lotion and Gel Comfort IntHim® are ideally suited for the intimate area and therefore act very gently, you can use them as often as you want. You might want to always pack the Comfort Gel in your car – because who knows what will happen when you go out.

Are these products OK for people who have allergies?

IntHim® Wash Lotion and Gel Comfort were tested for allergies and very well tolerated. Both products have been designed and tested for allergic reactions and skin irritations to exclude anything that might cause an allergy. Furthermore the products have undergone extensive dermatological testing in clinical trials.

Were animals used for testing the product?

Real men do not torment animals. We believe in our products and tested them ourselves.

Do any of the products contain harmful substances?

All IntHim® products are naturally free of parabens, allergenic fragrances and colorants, soaps, nano particles, heavy metals and anything else that man does not need or wish to use on himself.