Sean J.

I’m Sean . I am a pharmacist; specifically, I have a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics. Life has been kind to me – I think because I`ve always tried to do good in my life.

I grew up in Miami, Florida. I don’t need to tell you anything about the wonderful climate there and the unique blend of different cultures. In Miami you care for and shape your own body. Looking your best is the basis. The basis to get into the good clubs and the basis to meet beautiful women – to be able to play the bases.

Women have always been the greatest thing for me. I love beautiful women. For me they are the most wonderful creatures on earth. Women have made me very happy, and I have made many women very happy.

I have a little secret I want to tell you. When I studied pharmacy in San Francisco, I did not have much money. My parents earned enough money so that I could not get a scholarship, but didn’t have enough to give me any extra for the tuition fees. So I worked.

And again I was lucky and got a job as a bartender at the club Decadence in the early 1990s. The DJ staged every Friday night differently, and the whole town knew that this was the hottest place to be. Everyone tried to be even crazier, more dramatic and sexier to outstage the others and to get noticed. You probably would’nt even see as much bare skin as at that club anywhere, not even in table dance clubs.

There, I`ve had my best experiences. Not because I’m a big ladies’ man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shy, but I was damn glad that my icebreaker for every beautiful woman as a bartender was simple: What would you like to drink?

In the 1990s the city was vibrating with sexual tension. It was not often that I had to go home alone. Even then I felt uncomfortable when I was all sweaty after a night behind the bar – of course also in the genital area. I was one of the first men who shaved for this reason. But the razor blades of the past caused unsightly pimples, skin irritation and in the worst case a rash. Those were the nights when I wanted to go home alone. The alternative was to apply aftershave. If you have not tried that yet, don’t. It`s hell.

So I even fired up the lab. I finally had the time as my pharmacy studies were almost finished, and I only experimented on myself.

I wanted to develop a skin care product that was specifically tailored to the sensitive skin in the genital area. The skin should be treated well and cared for, and no unsightly reactions to shaving occurred anymore. In addition, I imagined a kind of deoderant for the genital area in order to prevent sweating and odor.

I looked in the drugstore, which contained comparable products, and considered how I could improve them. I was not satisfied with many of the ointments, creams, lotions, powders and sprays that I developed. Often I did not like the consistency or fragrance. Many ingredients have a natural odor, which often isn`t pleasant and makes the whole product smell strange. To put another fragrance in the product wasn’t an option, as fragrances are highly allergenic. I wanted to be very careful. “As much as necessary, as little as possible” is an old pharmacist saying by which I strictly abided for all of the ingredients. There were also a number of common ingredients that I did not want to have in my products. I felt strongly about not wanting to have parabens as preservatives. They were not really scrutinized during that time, but I had never felt entirely at ease with these substances. I spent countless Sundays at my lab, until I finally had a solution.

Strictly speaking, there were two solutions.

For optimum cleaning, I developed a Wash Lotion. It gently cleanses and nourishes the skin with chamomile and avena, which revive it. The skin is soft and smooth; there is no itching and no more irritated skin. It even looks more attractive. Plus thyme is included for an antibacterial effect.

I experimented with sprays and powders for a long time to counter the sweating and smell, but was never satisfied. I wanted to have some kind of deodorant for the intimate area. The solution ended up being a gel. The perspiration and humidity are regulated in a pleasant manner so that there is no body odor. The gel can be applied several times a day, so you will always feel fresh, because in addition to the nourishing and invigorating effect, the gel cools pleasantly. At the same time the gel contains nourishing substances. It was important to me that it leaves no mark on the clothes.

As an animal lover I have never tested the lotion on any animals, instead only on myself – and then on friends. The effect was perfect. Since then, I have never again had to be worried whether everything is alright in my shorts if I met a great woman.

I gave the Wash Lotion and Comfort Gel to a couple of friends to try out. The success was phenomenal, and so my care combination was in high demand – but always under the strict promise of secrecy.

Newcomers were given the product only on the recommendation of the inner circle of people supplied. When too many people know a secret, that is usually not good. During this entire time, around the world no more than 35 men knew my little secret, and they had great success with women.

Things that lead to success with women get around, and positive experience makes people confident and attractive. Even with everyone starting to shave, I still got the most attention. Women appreciate and take notice if a man is thinking about them and being considerate.

When I first came to Germany in the late 2000s, I assumed that there were already intimate hygiene products for men out there. But my search for competitors in pharmacies and drug stores remained unsuccessful. My first acquaintance, whom I met at that time in the bar of Brenners Park Hotel, was enthusiastic about the idea. I will not repeat her exact words, but it was a night I’ll never forget.

This woman never let me go and since then has become my wife. She is from Spain. For her I decided to give up my life as a successful pharmacist in the US and move in with her in Germany.

With her I have found happiness; my wild nights are over, and I do not miss them. Therefore, I decided to unveil my little secret and to do my part to ensure that everyone can have a good time with great women. I am grateful for the life I had before. What could be better than to give something back?

I have found a partner who is introducing the IntHim® care combination to the market with me. This was not an easy road. But now the IntHim® Lotion and Comfort Gel is available all over the world.

Now every man can truly maintain perfect hygene from head to toe and feel confident. And nothing is more attractive than self-confidence – believe a professional!