Intimate care for the man is not only necessary; optimal care can prevent irritation and disease.

The penis is trapped in the underwear in a relatively tight space for most of the day. There it can reach high temperatures and cause the area to sweat – perfect conditions for bacteria to build up, which can lead to more than just a bad odor. Often small pimples or irritated skin is the result. The modern man today is willing to do something about this, but fails because of the lack of care options. The facial skin has 16 cell layers,  the lips have 5, but the tip of the penis only has 2.

This is a good thing, as it is responsible for the nicest feelings. Just as a man probably does not wish to clean his car with a rough scrubbing brush and harsh soap, he might not want to wash his genital area with regular shower gel.

He doesn’t have to!

The IntHim® wash & care products from pharmacist Sean J. are specifically designed for daily intimate care. It is important that the IntHim® formula is pH-neutral and doesn’t attack the skin’s protective layer. The products are free of parabens, soap, allergy-causing fragrances and artificial coloring.

„90% of the IntHim® users would recommend it!“

The Power of Nature


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cares for the skin with chamomile and avena
  • Naturally has antibacterial properties thanks to thyme
  • Is pH-neutral and does not attack the protective layer of the skin
  • Free of parabens, allergenic fragrances and dyes.

 • Application •

Just use it like a Shower Gel for your genital area


  • Dermatologically tested
  • Actively suppresses pimples and red areas after shaving
  • Natural perspiration-reducing effect thanks to Tapioca from the Manioc root
  • Has natural antibacterial properties thanks to tea tree oil
  • Free of parabens, allergenic fragrances and dyes

• Application •

Just use it like a Body Lotion for your genital area

„It might seem unusual at first sight but i don‘t want to miss the very gentle cleanliness and feeling“

Salvatore Vita, Milan

„Awesome double pack! A ph-neutral Wash-Lotion and something that soothes my skin after intimate shaving“ 

Stevo Trann, Montreal

„I‘m doing a lot of Crossfitness and especially in summer i‘m really glad i found something that refreshes and prevents bad odors for some time“

Leaon Gordon, New York